London Black Taxis Film Production

Filming with Cwmni Da TV for Channel 4’s “Wild Things”

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We have worked with:

Lion TV (March 2017)

Chrome Productions (February 2017)

Time Magazine (February 2017)

Taylor Made Media (December 2016)

Glam Guru Films (December 2016)

Frukt (December 2016)

Great – thanks Mike. Really appreciate everything – you were a great help on the run up – and the driver David was fantastic. I’ll send over a copy of the waiver David signed as he might now appear in one scene on film.


Pascale, Senior Project Manager, Frukt

Next Shoot (September 2016)

Hi Mike,

Our driver Terry was amazing – thank you. We did three hours filming in the end. Many thanks.

Best wishes,

Dominic S.
Managing Director, Next Shoot

Eyes of the Street (May 2016)

City Wire (May 2016)

Lisa Pritchard Agency (May 2016)

I Heart Studios (May 2016)

PG Films (April 2016)

House of Experience (April 2016)

Juggle TV (April 2016)

Topline Comms (April 2016)

City Wire (April 2016)

Vigics (April 2016)

PL Productions (March 2016)

Media Dante (March 2016)

Tiger Aspect (March 2016)

Fjords Media for for their filming of Jess Glynne’s surprise entrance to the NCS Music Awards [watch the video here] (March 2016)

Moxie Pictures (February 2016)

Dego Visionz (February 2016)

Optomen Productions (February 2016)

Partizan Productions (February 2016)

Craft Productions (February 2016)

Grasshopper Films for their production of a Japanese tourism video [watch the video here] (February 2016)

Sun Dog Pictures (February 2016)

Optomen Productions (January 2016)

Plum Pictures for a Channel 4 documentary (January 2016)

Little Gem TV for a BBC documentary (December 2015)

City Wire (December 2015)

Burberry (November 2015) for a fashion shoot

Agile Films (November 2015)

Hi Mike,
Our driver Terry was really great on Wednesday’s film shoot – thanks for organising everything.
Kathleen, Agile Films

Vice Media (November 2015)

Everything was just great. Thanks for your help with our film shoot.
Best wishes,
V. Newman, Production Manager

Sun Dog Pictures (November 2015)

City Wire (November 2015)

Optomen Productions (November 2015)

Wing Span Productions for a BBC special with Ian Hislop on the plight of the poor in London (October 2015)

HiLow Films (October 2015)

Pins and Needles Media for the feature film “The Have Nots” (October 2015)

You Know London (October 2015)

I cannot praise our driver Nicky highly enough for today. I have never had a driver like him. I really hope that I need to shoot a London taxi scene again soon as I would love to work with you both again. Thank you to our driver Nicky for today, and to you for making the booking process so easy – even with all of my continuous calls your patience never wavered. I cannot express my appreciation enough.
All the best,
Sarah Pinchemain, Producer, You Know London

Monkey Kingdom Entertainment for the TV show “Made in Chelsea” (September 2015)

The Good Ideas Group (September 2015) for a video that was part of a campaign to increase awareness of the difficulties chronic migraine sufferers deal with in their lives (September 2015)

Sun Dog Pictures (September 2015)

Parthia London (September 2015)

Kream London for an advert for Air New Zealand (September 2015)

City Wire (September 2015)

Liberty Bell Productions (August 2015)

Willoughby Public Relations for the shooting a short spoof film for pub brand Taylor Walker, to mark the Queen becoming the longest reigning monarch this year. The film features a lookalike ‘Queen’ and ‘Prince Philip’ sneaking out of Buckingham Palace and taking a black taxi to their local pub for a celebratory drink! (August 2015)  [Watch the Video Here]

Sense Productions (August 2015)

Towers Productions for the TV programme Strange Inheritance (August 2015)

City Wire (July 2015)

Chief Productions for a video about Madame Tussauds (July 2015)

Monkey Kingdom Entertainment for the TV show “Real Housewives of Cheshire” (July 2015)

Conde Nast UK (July 2015) (July 2015)

Gallery Media (July 2015)

Sun Dog Pictures (July 2015)

ITV for “Good Morning Britain” (July 2015)

City Wire (June 2015)

Connected Pictures (June 2015)

River Dog TV (June 2015)

Matchlight Productions (June 2015)

Blue Tuna TV (May 2015)

City Wire (May 2015)

Connected Pictures (May 2015)

Monkey Kingdom Entertainment for the TV show “Made in Chelsea” (May 2015)

Curly Lizard Films for an advertisement for Singapore TV (May 2015)

Two Four Productions for a documentary about returning veterans and how they fit back into society (May 2015)

Telecom Staff for filming Japanese TV programme (May 2015)

Monkey Kingdom Entertainment for the TV show “Made in Chelsea” (May 2015)

Run Productions (May 2015)

Cordell Jigsaw Productions for the ABC program “Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery” (April 2015) [Read the full story here]

Boden for a fashion film shoot (April 2015)

Hello Mike,

The film shoot went very well, and the crew loved our driver Terry. He was very charming.

Many thanks,


RPC Law for a corporate video (March 2015)

Please can you pass on my thanks to our drivers Dave and Terry, they were both great, really accommodating and the taxi’s were fantastic – clean and sparkly!

Thank you again for your help with our film shoot,

Kali, RPC Law

Wendy House Productions for a documentary film about singer-songwriter Jess Glynne (April 2015)

CPL Productions (April 2015)

Kipper Tie Video Productions for an advert for the new Apple Iphone 6 (March 2015)

Citywire Investments for an advertising campaign (March 2015)

Monkey Kingdom Entertainment for the TV show “Newlyweds” (March 2015)

Monkey Kingdom Entertainment for the TV show “Made in Chelsea” (March 2015)

Burberry for an in-house advertising campaign (March 2015)

Cavier Content for an advert for Volvo Life Paint (March 2015)

Matt La Prod for an advertising video for Societe Generale Securities Services (February 2015)

Hello Mike,

Thank you. It was a pleasure to work with you and your driver Jon.

Kind regards,

Fabrice Roger, Matt la Prod – Communication et Production audiovisuelle

[Read the full post and watch the video here.]

CNN International for the new series Culinary Journeys (February 2015)

Rumpus Media for a London Fashion Week film shoot (February 2015)

Hatch TV for a London Fashion Week film shoot (February 2015)

Nutopia Productions, for a documentary about taxi drivers who are studying the Knowledge of London (February 2015)

Hi Mike,

Thanks for providing a taxi for our film shoot. Our driver Simon was very good and had the shiniest, newest cab I think I’ve ever seen!

Best regards,

Nick, Nutopia Productions (February 2015)

BBC, filming for Strictly Come Dancing and Children in Need, featuring Pudsey Bear (January 2015)

Optomen Television (January 2015)

Knickerbockerglory Productions, filming with Fake Faces David Beckham and Barack Obama lookalikes (January 2015) [Read the story here]

Raw Power Management, filming a music video with Modestep (January 2015)

Alvarez and Marshal, filming a video for English Heritage (December 2014)

Salt TV (December 2014)

Annina Diston, filming the debut album campaign of Nicole Bernegger, winner of “The Voice of Switzerland” (December 2014)

Hugo and Cat (December 2014)

Hugh&Claire (December 2014) [Read the story and watch the video here]

Hi Mike,

An enormous thank-you to you and our driver Dave for your assistance with our ‘Happy Cab’ film shoot.

Dave was utterly perfect, exceptionally professional, always arriving early and with a tireless commitment to helping make our film the best it could possibly be, right up until the end of some long shoot days. With his great depth of knowledge he helped us find the best routes, beat traffic and negotiate an otherwise very tricky process. But more than any of this, his character, personality and sharp wit became a huge asset to our shoot, helping to bring out great performances from his passengers, for which we are endlessly grateful!

It was really great fun to work with Dave, and a great pleasure to get to know him along the way.

Thanks again and we hope to work with you again some time soon!

Hugh & Claire

Halo Films (December 2014)

Scorch London, filming an advert for 7-Up (November)

The Solidarity Union, filming an advert for Air Canada (November 2014)

Hey Mike,

Had a great shoot with your driver Dave last night. Thanks so much. He was great!


John Scarth, The Solidarity Union

Thames TV, filming a segment for Britain’s Got Talent (November 2014)

Hi Mike,

The team wanted to express a big thank you to you and our driver Dave for your help on the two filming blocks earlier in the week. Dave helped us run things very smoothly which is much appreciated so thanks for getting him for us.

All the best,

Holly Pickering, Thames TV (November 2014)

Monkey Kingdom Entertainment, filming a segment for the TV show Made in Chelsea (November 2014)

Hugh and Claire, filming an advert for Coca-Cola (November 2014)

Smyle Creative for a film shoot at the new London Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique (November 2014)

The National Tourist Board to film a London tourism promotion (November 2014)

Rosie Marchant to film an advert for the smartphone app for The Sun newspaper (November 2014)

Thanks Mike,

Our driver Terry was great on Friday. Considering we started late and then kept him there longer then we had planned, he was really cooperative and happy to help. I’m sure I will use your services again in the future.

Best wishes,

Rosie Marchant, Freelance Production Assistant (November 2014)

Juniper TV to film a BBC segment with Shami Chakrabarti (November 2014)

Hi Mike,

Our driver Terry was brilliant – couldn’t have been friendlier or more accommodating. Thanks again for arranging everything for us.

All the best,

Andrew, Juniper TV

I-Motus Film & Advertising Agency (November 2014)

Hi Mike,
Thank you, the film shoot went very well yesterday. Our driver Dave was extremely accommodating and was happy to work with our requests. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company.
Best regards,

The Picture Production Company (November 2014)

Hi Mike,

The film shoot went really well. The driver was great and all ran smoothly! Very happy customers this end!

Sophie Lee, Producer

NBC Universal (October 2014)

Thames TV for the dating programme “Take Me Out” (October 2014)

Mitsios Productions (October 2014)

Thanks Mike for providing a taxi for our film shoot! Terry our driver was great :-)
Kareena Mitsios

Sunset & Vine (October 2014)

Open Mike Productions (October 2014)

Optomen Productions for Mary Portas Secret Shopper (September 2014)

KGL Media (September 2014)

Net-a-Porter (September 2014)

Morning Mike, Thanks for your help in providing taxis for our film shoot yesterday on such short notice. Kind Regards, M.W., Net-a-Porter

SAS London (September 2014)

Twenty Twenty for Children in Need with Terry Wogan (September 2014)

Hatch TV (September 2014)

Agile Films (August 2014)

Hi Mike, Thanks for everything on Friday – the film shoot for the MTV promo went well. Joe M., Agile Films

Hogarth Marketing (August 2014)

Monkey Kingdom for the TV show “Made in Chelsea” (August 2014)

Burberry  for a fashion shoot (August 2014)

Parthia London for a fashion shoot (August 2014)

Optomen Productions for Mary Portas Secret Shopper (August 2014)

Michel Roux of La Gavroche (August 2014)

MVF Global (August 2014)

Blue Hawk Media (July 2014)

Boomerang Productions (July 2014)

Golin (July 2014)

Phil McIntyre Entertainments (July 2014)

Twenty Twenty for a film shoot with Gareth Malone (July 2014)

Monument London for a film shoot with Katherine Jenkins (July 2014)

Vintage Media House (July 2014)

Turner Broadcasting (July 2014)

Daniel Stier Photography (July 2014)

Angel Eye Media (June 2014)

Florida TV (June 2014)

Mascioni Associati International (June 2014)

Terri Manduca Photography (June 2014)

Thanks Mike. All went well on the film shoot, so thanks for your help on this. Regards, Lee, Terri Manduca Photography

Sylvia Fargo Ltd, for a fashion shoot for Karen Millen Fashions (June 2014)

iCandy, for a film shoot with Emilia Fox (June 2014)

Screen Europa (May 2014)

National Theatre (May 2014)

Michael Howells, filming Helena Bonham Carter for Vanity Fair (May 2014)

Princess TV, for Got To Dance – Series 5 (May 2014)

Two-Four Television (April 2014)

Dear Mike, Thank you very much for your help organising the taxis for our film shoot. Our driver Charlie was lovely too. Best wishes, Lindsay, Two-Four Television

The Garden Productions (April 2014)

Rattling Stick Productions (March 2014)

Hi Mike. Thank you so much for your help on the day, the filming went swimmingly and the drivers were all really helpful and professional! Also really appreciated your communication on the day – very thorough. Looking forward to working with you again.
Very best, S.H., Rattling Stick Productions

Boom Pictures for an interview with opera singer Wynne Evans (March 2014)

Monkey Kingdom for the TV show “Made in Chelsea” (March 2014)

Sky Movies for an interview with Miss Piggy about the new Muppet movie (March 2014)

Knucklehead for filming a promotion for Apple Ipads (March 2014)

Met Film School (March 2014)

BBC for an interview with David James for BBC2 (March 2014)

Two-Four Television (March 2014)

Geyrhalter Films (February 2014) for a documentary for Austrian television

Reef Television (February 2014)

Oli Mason and Georgia Parris for the short film A Moment To Move (February 2014)

Societe General Financial Services for a corporate promotional video

I-Motus Brand Emotion for a corporate promotional film (February 2014)

Directors Cut Productions (February 2014)

Thames TV (January 2014)

North One TV (January 2014)

Squint Opera for a video about the redevelopment Earls Court into luxury flats (January 2014)

Optomen Productions USA, filming for an upcoming show about the Royal Family (December 2013)

We had the pleasure of working with your company and driver, David during our shoot in London two weeks ago. Not only is he a wonderful driver, but he is knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We really enjoyed having him on our film shoot with him. I want to extend our gratitude to your company and please send our many thanks to him as well. Best regards, Ginny S, Series Producer, Optomen Productions [Read more here]

BBC (December 2013)

Kippertie (December 2013)

Nive Lives Media (December 2013)

Gallery Media for a documentary about global businesses (December 2013)

Monkey See Films and Rain Down for a documentary about human trafficking (November 2013)

Tiger Aspect (November 2013)

Lost Pictures, filming an advert for Lamborghini (November 2013)

True North TV (November 2013)

Monkey Kingdom Entertainment, for filming E4’s Made in Chelsea (November 2013)

The BBC in cooperation with Transport for London (October 2013)

The driver did a fine job. The film team spoke very highly of him, so thanks again! –From Nicola Robertson, BBC

Objective Productions (October 2013)

Monkey Kingdom Entertainment, for filming E4’s Made in Chelsea (October 2013)

Ekstasy Films (October 2013)

We Folk, filming a promotional video for Coca Cola (October 2013)

Giblin Films, filming a promotional video for Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel (September 2013)

Strike Digital, filming a trailer with actor Robert Glenister for The Old Vic 24-Hour Plays Celebrity Gala (September 2013)

Hi Mike, Thank you kindly for helping us achieve our last minute film shoot and providing such a great service. I certainly hope to work with you again and your driver Dave was brilliant (also stole the show with his contribution!). I’ll send over a preview when it is available (early to mid Oct) as I know Dave is keen to see it. Best wishes, Rob K., Strike Digital

Monkey Kingdom Entertainment, for filming E4’s Made in Chelsea (September 2013)

Production Bureau (September 2013)

RDF Television (September 2013)

Objective Productions, for a Discovery Channel documentary about psychic drawing (September 2013)

Ricochet TV (September 2013)

SimD Photography (August 2013)

Bates United, a Norwegian-based advertising agency (August 2013)

Spindle Productions, filming an advert for Barclays Bank (August 2013)

Monkey Kingdom Entertainment (August 2013)

Deloitte Financial Services (July 2013)

Park Village Productions for a music video featuring the English-Irish boy band The Wanted (July 2013)

Bart News Network (a Dutch public broadcasting network) for a game show featuring London taxi drivers (July 2013) [Read the full story here]

Oxford Film & Television (July 2013)

Joker Productions (July 2013)

Wall to Wall Productions (July 2013)

Miculescu Photography for a Sunglass Hut advert with Georgia Jagger (July 2013)

Maverick TV for the BBC programme Out There – Stephen Fry (July 2013)

Taylor Herring Publicity for a PR stunt for Paddy Power (July 2013) [Read the full story here]

Thanks so much for helping us with the PR stunt for Paddy Power. –Harriet M, Taylor Herring

Radio Times (June 2013)

Zig Zag Productions (June 2013)

Twenty Twenty TV  for The Choir with Gareth Malone (June 2013)

Smyle Events for a Vidal Sassoon product launch with Britt Ekland (June 2013)

Monkey Kingdom Productions for Made in Chelsea (June 2013)

NBC Universal (June 2013)

SAS Business Analytics (May 2013)

Locate Productions for a photoshoot with the Jacksonville Jaquars Cheerleaders (May 2013) [Read the full story here]

Jack Morton Marketing for filming an advert for Nokia mobile phones (May 2013)

RDF Television (May 2013)

Thanks SO MUCH for your help on Friday – the film shoot went really well and the driver was an absolute pro. Cheers, Rebecca, RDF Television

Shed Media for BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are (May 2013)

Thank you Mike! The film shoot went well. The driver was fantastic!!!!!!! –From Candela A., Shed Media US

Monkey Kingdom Entertainment for E4’s Made in Chelsea (May 2013)

Salt TV for an online advert for the EE 4G mobile network (May 2013)

White Coat Productions (April 2013)

I Made It Films for the indie film Chasing Robert Barker (April 2013)

Sky Sports for an interview with Chelsea footballer Juan Mata (April 2013) [Read the full story here]

Agile Films for a short film “The Birthday Gift” (April 2013)

Tilling Productions (April 2013)

Good Morning, I’d just like to say a big ‘Thank you’ on behalf of myself and the rest of the Tilling Team for all your help and good work! We hope to work with you again in the near future. All the best, Donna B., Tilling Productions

Cineflix Media (April 2013)

360 Productions (April 2013)

Big Group Marketing for the Olivier Awards (April 2013)

The European Film College  (March 2013)

Outline Productions for the BBC’s “Big Wildlife Revival” (March 2013) [Read the full story here]

Hi Mike, Thanks for your help in supplying the taxi for our film shoot on Saturday. Can you please also thank our driver for such a great job. Cheers, Louise S., Outline Productions

Maverick TV (March 2013)

Thanks so much. Our driver did a lovely job. –From Cameron at Maverick TV 

Monkey Kingdom Entertainment (March 2013)

Raid Data Solutions (March 2013)

Cwmni Da TV (March 2013)

BBC for a Consumer Watchdog programme about excessive car insurance rates. (March 2013)

BBC for “The People’s Coronation” with David Dimbleby–a documentary on the past and future coronations. (March 2013)

Wall-to-Wall for their Channel 4 series “Child Genius” (March 2013)

Monkey Kingdom Productions for filming a scene of the hit reality show Made in Chelsea (March 2013)

FX Render for a music video for Brazilian TV (March 2013)

Hat Trick Productions and Plum Pictures for a Hugh Laurie interview as he travelled to Jools Holland’s studio to record his new album (March 2013)

Optomen TV for Channel 4‘s program with Mary Portas (March 2013)

Monkey Kingdom Productions for filming a scene of the hit reality show Made in Chelsea (February 2013)

Lulu Guinness for a photo shoot featuring their new handbags for the New York market (February 2013)

Wall-to-Wall for their Channel 4 series “Child Genius” (February 2013)

Maverick TV for filming an interview with Stephen Fry (February 2013)

Pulse Films for filming an episode of BBC’s Young Apprentice (January 2013)

Florian Leonhard Fine Violins during their participation in an auction at Christie’s (January 2013)

Microsoft for filming a promotional video that required shots of London landmarks (January 2013)

HSI London Productions and Open Mike Productions for filming an intro to the Channel 4 TV show “The Last Leg” (January 2013)

What a FANTASTIC bunch you are… Thank you all so much for braving the weather yesterday and helping create such a super job. Chris and I are sat in the edit right now and the footage looks amazing – and very funny. You can catch the finished film on Friday night on Channel 4 @ 9.30pm Hope to work with you all again soon. All the best and thanks again, from Claire at HSI London

Mail on Sunday’s Live Magazine for a BAFTA interview (December 2012)

The Law Society of England and Wales (December 2012)

Silver River Productions for filming at a charity antiques auction (December 2012)

ITV and Channel 4 for an interview with Oona King (December 2012)

Optomen TV for a new Channel 4 program with Mary Portas (December 2012)

Monkey Kingdom Productions for filming a scene of the hit reality show Made in Chelsea (November 2012)

Nine Lives Media (November 2012)

Talk Back / Freemantle Media for the filming of ITV’s Celebrity Juice show featuring pop group The Wanted (October 2012)

Oxford Film & Television for an interview with Olympic Gold Medallist Nicola Adams, which will feature in the upcoming BBC program “Our Queen”. (October 2012)

Oyster Productions for the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing (October 2012)

32 Squared Productions for a Malaysian Television documentary about a young person’s experience of attending University in London (October 2012)

Its Juice Brand and Marketing Company (October 2012)

Optomen TV for a Mary Portas special (October 2012)

Holborn Studios filming for the Australian Newsnight (October 2012)

Princess Productions for a segment of Got To Dance with Davina McCall (October 2012)

Cwmni Da TV as they examine the air filter of a London taxi for their documentary about plant species in London (October 2012) [You can read the full post here.]

Gallery Media when they produced a corporate promotion film for a publishing company (September 2012)

Red and Green, an innovative communications design agency (September 2012)

ITN for a History Channel documentary on politics (September 2012)

Pixel Heaven for a music video with Ferry Corsten and Betsie Larkin, shot on the streets of London (September 2012) [Read post and watch video here.]

Net-a-Porter for a fashion music video (September 2012)

Optomen Television for an X-Factor episode (August 2012)

RDF Television for an “all you can eat” television special filmed at Burgers at Blacks in Purley (August 2012)

British Heart Foundation (August 2012)

NBC for their coverage of the London 2012 Olympics (July 2012)

North One TV for filming a segment of the Gadget Show (July 2012)

Boundless Productions for filming a segment of Michael Portillo’s travel documentary series (July 2012)

Boundless Productions for a Discovery Channel program about a globetrotting gnome investigating the variances in gravity around the world (July 2012)

TwoFour for a new Discovery Channel television series documenting family life (July 2012)

Optomen Television in the filming of a BBC documentary about Dr. Samuel Johnson and the London coffee houses in which he spent much of his time (July 2012)

Back2Back Productions (July 2012)

Twenty Twenty TV – for second time this month, we assisted in filming of the BBC2 series The Choir (June  2012)

Tracc Films in the filming of a scene for a forthcoming feature film (June 2012)

APCO Worldwide for their client Recolight for their light bulb recycling campaign (June 2012) [Read Post & Watch Video]

TwoFour for additional filming for a Channel 5 documentary (June 2012)

Tiger Lily Films filming sequences for a new film called “The Click” (June 2012)

Hi Mike,
Just writing a quick e-mail to say John was great on our film shoot on Saturday.
Thanks for organising everything so quickly.
Best Regards,
Donna Tiger Lily Films 12th June 2012

Twenty Twenty for the BBC2 series The Choir (June  2012)

Betty TV for filming Upstairs Downstairs.  The BBC revives the iconic ’70s series about life in a London townhouse in the late 1930s, where the fates of the servants ‘downstairs’ and their masters ‘upstairs’ are intimately linked. (June 2012)

Mascioniassociati International filming for Macys Menswear Collection (June 2012)

TwoFour filming sequences for a Channel 5 documentary (May 2012)

Thames TV filming part of an episode of the X-Factor (May 2012)

RDF Television filming with Yogi the champion St Bernard dog (May 2012)

Thank you, Mike. Our driver was terrific and I certainly will come to you the next time I’m in need of a black taxi as well as recommending you to other production folks I know. Thanks very much.
-Christina Graham, Junior Production Manager, RDF Television 24th May 2012

Partizan filming an advertisement for British Airways (May 2012) [Read Post & Watch Video]

Hi Mike,
Thank you for all you help with the filming for British Airways.
Our driver was great – thank you very much.
Best wishes,
Michelle 18th May 2012

Liquid TV filming the opening sequence to Channel 4’s coverage of the Paralympics, with our driver making an appearance on film. (May 2012)

Hi Mike, Our driver was a marvel, a very lovely chap! We would definitely use your company again.
Many thanks again Mike. You’re wonderful!
Regards – Maz
Maz Lewis
Producer, LIQUID TV 8th May 2012

NBC Universal for a documentary about the London 2012 Olympics (April 2012)

Travis Hodges for s still photography shoot (April 2012)

Zeppotron and Endemol UK for a Channel 4 production (April 2012)

Twenty Twenty for the BBC2 series The Choir (April 2012)

Maria Williams and the BBC as Tim Samuels  recorded an interview with Alistair Campbell (April 2012)

Hi Mike
Thanks very much for sorting our film production booking out for us. It all went very smoothly. Our driver was brilliant so many thanks for helping sort it all out…
Many thanks
Maria 20th April 2012

Helen Allman interviewing one of our taxi drivers regarding the expected road conditions during the Olympics (April 2012)

Zeppotran Productions filming a sketch for 10 O’Clock Live (March 2012)

Baker Tilley filming an in house advertisement for their corporate customers (March 2012)

Optomen Television filming a documentary in central London (March 2012)

Hi Mike.
Just a quick one to say thanks for your help with the film shoot last week. The driver was a fantastic help and the client was really happy with the way the morning went.
Will be keeping your firm in mind for any other similar work in the future!
Thanks once again!
Tim, Optomen TV, 29th March 2012

Tokyo No.1 Graphica filming a pop video in central London for Japanese TV (March 2012)

Timeline filming a documentary in Hyde Park (March 2012)

Nextshoot second session of filming and advertisement for Louis Vuitton (February 2012)

TwentyTwenty TV interviewing doctors and nurses for a charity choir in aid of Lewisham hospital (February 2012)

Bill Mountain filming in and around Heathrow Airport and central London (February 2012)

Elle Magazine conducting interviews and also filming for Fashion Week (February 2012)

Fellow Productions filming an advert for a new hotel in central London (February 2012)

76 Ltd filming a documentary for a German TV channel (February 2012)

Toby Lockerbie filming a pop video for Rizzle Kicks (January 2012)

Baby Girl Music and Etta Smith for her new video and single “Sold” (November 2011)

BAFTA for an interview with Kenneth Branagh (November 2011)

Beige London film shoot for British Film Institute annual film awards (November 2011)

Dragonfly production company filming an interview with Kate Thornton (November 2011)

Fat Cat Films for the Louis Vuitton video Taxi Encounters – London (November 2011)

Universal Music Group for photographing Ren Harvieu for her Island Records album cover (November 2011)

Met Film filming a BBC feature documentary about Silibil & Brains – the Scottish rappers who faked American accents to secure a deal with Sony Records (October 2011)

Blackjack Films filming a part of an episode of East Enders (October 2011)

Spiegel TV Media filming a documentary for German TV involving an ex MI6 agent (October 2011)

Matchlight Television Production Company filming part of a documentary (October 2011)

Testimony Films conducting an interview with David Suchet October 2011.

Vice Productions filming and advertisement with Daisy Lowe August 2011.

Quarantine Productions filming with Tinie Tempah an advert for Lucozade August 2011.

Screen Europa assisting in the making of a full length feature film in and around central London August 2011

Fat Cat Films filming over two days an advert for Louis Vuitton July 2011

Deuce Films filming the final part of a documentary about football and Manchester United June 2011

Deuce Films filming the 2nd part of a documentary about football and Manchester United June 2011

Deuce Films filming a documentary about football and Manchester United June 2011

You Magazine working with Maureen Paton interviewing Judd Trump June 2011

Optomen Television working with Mary Portas and the House of Fraser June 2011

Talkback Thames TV filming an episode of the X Factor programme May 2011

Exposure Apprentice style presentation to promote Brixton, Portobello Road, Hoxton and Camden Town for the forthcoming 2012 Olympics May 2011

Jog On Films working on a film production in and around central London May 2011

ABC News Corp filming an in depth live report from Buckingham Palace on the Royal Wedding April 2011

Nathaniel Plevyak working with filming an advert for Russian TV April 2011

Jason Breckenbridge filming a new music video for Andrea Corr in and around central London April 2011

Running Bare Pictures filming a drama for BBC Three to be screened later in the summer. March 2011

ABC News Corp filming a weekly news report from in and around central London discussing the Royal Wedding and the Olympics plus the word on the street from the horses mouth(taxi drivers). March 2011

French Production TV interviewing Dickie Arbiter, Royal correspondent, about the Royal Wedding. March 2011

ABC News Corp filming a weekly news report from in and around central London discussing the Royal Wedding and the Olympics. February 2011

SportsBrand Media Group filming the Olympic stadium, Wembley Stadium and in and around central London for Australian TV. January 2011

Optomen Television highly secretive television documentary filmed in north London to be aired in January 2011 December 2010

Capa TV filming a documentary for France and Germany re Green Issues for “Global Mag” programme ARTE channel December 2010

Optomen Television additional work on an advert for Tesco’s in Putney November 2010

Optomen Television working on an advert for Tesco’s in Islington November 2010

BBC Entertainment filming in and around central London for a new sitcom starting in January. 2010

Wunderman filming in and around London scenes for a promotional film. October 2010

ITV filming around the City of London for an upcoming programme. October 2010

BrandCast Media filming a PR advertisement for BLP throughout central London. September 2010

Pulse Films filming a documentary from the Eurostar rank to Cricklewood NW2. August 2010

Wall to Wall Productions filming with Sylvia Syms for a documentary to be aired in the autumn. August 2010

Tarmakline Film Production Company. We have worked all week helping in the production of a film for Egyptian TV based on the Eastenders theme.
June 2010

Renault Cars shooting an advertsing campaign for a new sports car June 2010

Serlin Associates a photoshoot with model Daisy Lowe in Jermyn Street SW1 June 2010

Bloomberg Film Production filming a new introduction for a new early morning presenter May 2010

ITV filming the third and final part of a documentary to be broadcast later in the year.
May 2010

Firehouse Film Production Company May 2010

ITV filming the second part of a documentary to be broadcast later in the year.
May 2010

ITV filming a documentary to be broadcast later in the year.
April 2010

RDF Television filming the second part of a series concerning a rich relative meeting his poor relatives in a run down area of north London.
(April 2010)

Peter Jones of Sloane Street London SW1 being involved in their annual cancer charity taxi relay to the John Lewis department store at the Bluewater shopping centre.
March 2010

Conservative Party filming a spoof on New Labour’s handling of the economy and the their latest budget.
March 2010

RTÉ (Dublin) with Mr John Murry discussing the state of the UK economy, Gordon Brown and Battersea Power Station.
March 2010

RDF Television filming a series concerning a rich relative meeting his poor relatives in a run down area of north London. Several different shoots.
(March 2010)

Oliver Merchant filming an advert in central London for Codex Swiss watches
March 2010

BBC News at 6.30pm an interview with one of our knowledgeable taxi drivers on current affairs.
Producer Sarah Orchard. (February 2010)

Screen Time Shinawil filming “Fame the Musical” for Southern Ireland TV at Hampstead Town Hall. Auditions for Irish contestants living in the UK. (February 2010)

BBC Filming for “The Rogue Traders” with Matt Allwright and Dan Penteado. (February 2010)

In Focus Productions filming a documentary with Shelia Hancock about the Suffragettes (January 2010)

Zaradoc Films for filming Grammy Award-winning Brazilian singer, guitarist, and songwriter Gilberto Gil (December 2009)

Shine TV for filming and interviews in four of our taxis whilst filming on the way to the London Eye (November 2009)

Dene Films for filming and interviews in one of our taxis whilst filming a documentary about the origins of BBC TV’s Dr Who (November 2009)

Hat Trick Productions for filming and interview in one of our taxis whilst traveling to Blackheath, London SE10 (October 2009)

Faberge UK for filming and interview in one of our taxis whilst traveling around central London (September 2009)

Love Productions for filming an interview with Mark Oaten Lib Dem MP (August 2009)

Blackcab Sessions for filming music sessions at the Big Chill Festival (booked for August 2009)

Maverick TV for the filming of a new reality TV show with Gok Wan (July 2009)

The Rocket Science Group for filming a promotional video for HSBC bank (July 2009)

Parallel 28 Equipe for filming with the Bee Gees (July 2009)

Love Productions for the filming of an interview with Ian Duncan Smith, MP (July 2009)

William Orbit for the safe transfer of production equipment to the BBC for a live session broadcast (July 2009)

The BBC for the filming of Frank Skinner and Lee Mac in “Around the World in 80 Days” (June 2009)

ITV for the safe transfer of production equipment to a Surrey location (June 2009)

Channel 4 for the filming of a documentary on plastic surgery (June 2009)

Blackcab Sessions for their filming of a session with musician William Orbit (May 2009)

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